South Shore Line Station, circa 1920 - Tremont, Indiana by Shook Photos on Flickr.
Out for a Days Work on the Erie Railroad, 1916 - Wilders, Indiana by Shook Photos on Flickr.
Six-Hundred-Sixty-Six by qnuts86 on Flickr.
Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation (OWRR&N) train wreck by brettbigb on Flickr.
Northern Pacific logging cars ~ J Boyd Ellis Photography ~ Vintage Postcard by brettbigb on Flickr.
Chasing Shadows by channel packet on Flickr.
San Luis Potosi, Mexico 1890s by amphalon on Flickr.
Nashville, Tennessee. Rail yard and depot with locomotives 1864 by amphalon on Flickr.
Ref. 5623 by DonTaggart_railarchive on Flickr.
CNR 6218 by Light Collector on Flickr.