This is James. 1stLt. James R. Zimmerman to be exact. Two years ago on November 2nd, 2010, he was KIA in Afghanistan. I grew up thinking he was invincible and to me he still is. He was hit by a sniper right between his shoulder and his peck. Even after he was hit he continued to give his men commands and lead them into safety before he finally collapsed. He died in the hospital a day later. 

While you’re reblogging pictures of ignorant kids loitering or cups of coffee or scenery, take the time to reblog this. Someday I’m going to show his mother all of the people who did and I swear it’ll bring tears to her eyes.

RIP, James.

Much love and respect to his family and friends. “Thank you for your sacrifice” could never mean enough to express the sentiment.

(Source: justalittle-danger)

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